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Parish work in English

Back to A Kind of Normal


As the authorities relax restrictions on public gatherings, we intend to return to offering services in English. Services of Hly Communion will take place in Salo Church on the following dates, God willing:

  • Sunday, October 11, at 13:00
  • Sunday, November 15, at 13:00
  • Christmas Day Eucharist on December 25, at 12:00 (noon)


Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. As the COVID-19 situation is bound to fluctuate, please follow this website for updates. Stay safe!


More information:

Revd Timo Viitanen
tel. 044 774 5295
Ministry for Internationals
The Evangelical Lutheran Parish of Salo

Salon kirkko ulkoapäin

SALO CHURCH, Kirkkokatu 7

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